Digital Marketing


Advertising Online - Why bother?

The average US Citizen spends 6 hrs and 58 minutes online per day.
Source: DataReportal
Reach people where they are
Get straight A’s in Digital Marketing!
Define target audience
Remove all barriers
Amplify Awareness
Educate people about what you do
Get ahead of objections
Analyze Data
Adjust strategy, optimize conversions

01 Audience

Define the target audience

  • Create customer personas
  • Define your geographical reach

02 Accessibility

Remove all barriers

Online Presence via SEO
  • Create a good website
  • Display accurate info on business listings
Social Media Management
  • Setup a professional Facebook page
  • Setup a professional LinkedIn page
  • Produce credible information on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tiktok, Etc

03 Amplify Awareness

Educate people about  what you do

  • Online presence via SEO
  • Develop a brand message that appeals to your customers
  • Run Ads on social media to promote your business
  • Target prospects on social media 
  • Target your competitors’ prospects 
  • ReTarget leads that have self-identified as prospects
  • Use email marketing for lead generation & retention
  • Run strategic display ads to generate awareness

04 Acquisition

Get ahead of objections

  • Create a search Ad strategy to appeal to your customers
  • Setup search campaigns for prospects searching in Google for your services
  • Create landing pages for prospects to locate exactly what they searched for
  • Implement multiple ways to communicate with and accommodate potential customers

05 Analyze Data

Fine-tune Strategies to Optimize Conversions

  • Review Reports
  • Reduce Buyer Distractions
  • Simplify Closing Processes

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