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Modiphy's web design subscription service eliminates DIY frustration, costly updates, and wasted time.

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Only $249/mo

Have your cake and eat it too— Enjoy unlimited support along with easy updating tools.
  • Just $498 to start
  • No Large Upfront Cost
  • No Preparation Necessary
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Cancel Anytime 

And, we do it for you!

Gain immediate access to our team of graphic designers and web professionals who will build and evolve your website at a comfortable pace. (It's almost too good to be true.)

Seeing is believing

Start today.

Add-on tomorrow.

Pay As You Go

$249 /mo
Billed monthly
$498 to start, 90 Day Setup, Cancel Anytime

Responsive Design *

Professional Graphic Design *

Social Media Integration *

Domain Name Handling *

Secure Hosting *

Easy to Use CMS *

Unlimited Support *

Sub Navigation *

Featured Projects/Services/Clients

Call-to-Actions *

Google Map Embed

Google Calendar Embed

Video Embed


Ability to Accept Payments

Basic SEO

Google Analytics

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Customized Plans Start @ $498/mo

Modiphy offers everything needed to run an online business at scale. Get in touch for details.

Everything in the 249/Plan

Logo Design & Branding

Content Strategy

Password Protected Pages

+ 10 Custom Landing Pages

Directory Search

Professional Copywriting *

Digital Marketing *

Comprehensive SEO *

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Will we be able to edit our Website?

Yes. You can make edits from any computer as often as needed. Using your tailored-fitted CMS, edits can be done with ease.

What is your hourly rate?

Our hourly rate is 200.00 per hour but only comes into effect when we are quoting a custom request or items outside of the website services.

Do you guys use WordPress?

No. This is a Wordpress-free zone. No viruses to deal with. No patches to install. We use a CMS called Flux Console that is easy to use and is as flexible as a gymnast.

Is there a discount for yearly service?

No, however the monthly price is the discounted price! Instead of offering a discounted yearly plan we offer an affordable monthly plan that can be canceled at anytime.

Do we own our website?

Yes! If you decide to cancel your subscription further down the road, never fear! You can export your data, and own all rights to the provided designs and content.

What is meant by unlimited?

You are gifted with access to schedule one-on-one calls with a friendly support member as many times as you need them. To infinity and beyond.

Will we be locked into a contract?

No. Modiphy plans are paid monthly with the first payment delayed for 30 days from when you complete the activation process. We make it simple to start and stop your service at any time.

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