Brand Guidelines

LA Pest Control 50th Anniversary Logo

Brand Colors

Using these colors in all visual materials will keep everything on brand. But remember its ok to add an accent color if things start to get stale!


Note that because free fonts tend to be limiting creatively, your brand fonts may require a subscription or payment to use.
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Download Files

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Your logo exists in several file types that serve different purposes. Below is an explanation of each:
  • PDF - Great for larger applications (signs, banners, etc). Vector file
  • PNG - Great for general use (Social media, business cards, letterhead, etc).
  • SVG - Great for web. Vector file
  • Ai - This is the master file for the logo and requires Adobe Illustrator to open. Vector file
  • ZIP - This lets you download all the files in one big folder.

Vector files allow your logo to scale up as large as needed and are great to send to vendors for printing.

Enjoy your logo!
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