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Comparative Market Research
Content Evaluation 
Content Recommendations
Content Optimization
Meta Tag Generation
Phrase Boosting

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Comparative Market Research

We remove the guess-work. Through data gathered with Market analysis, we can pinpoint exactly which words and phrases to use in your campaign.

Content Evaluation & Recommendations

Content is King. It is imperative that your content not only is responsive to Google's indexing bots but must also connect to human impulses.

Content Optimization

Makes website pages more attractive to search engines and users. Includes content/copy improvement, broken link fixes, title tags and meta tags.

Meta Tag Generation

Meta Tags makeup a crucial part in describing page content, which resides in the page’s hidden code and boosts SEO.

Monitoring & Performance Tracking on up to 10 Key Phrases

Phase Boosting

Boosted website visibility on page 1 of Google using preferred key phrases.


Link on a website from another website that is used as a web resource, much like a literary citation. Search engines like Google evaluate assess page ranking based on the quantity, quality, and relevance of backlinks.

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