Client Policy

Your Guide to a Successful Project: Essential Client Collaboration Policies

Designate a Main Point of Contact (POC)

To ensure a smooth flow of communication, please designate one main point of contact (POC) in your team. This person will be key in sharing information, collecting feedback, and making decisions for your organization.

Initial Onboarding

We'll kick off with a designer led onboarding meeting with your POC to outline the project scope and timelines. Post-meeting, your POC should quickly complete any tasks assigned to keep your project moving forward.

Consistent Communication

Please ensure your POC replies to ticket requests within the time frames our team provides. Quick responses are key to keeping your website launch on track.

Documentation and Information Sharing

For a seamless project flow, it's essential your POC promptly provides all required documents and info, including access like domain logins. Timely submission is vital for smooth progress.

Approval and Decision Making

To keep things moving, your POC must approve designs & content in a timely manner to prevent any hold-ups.

Follow-up Process

If your POC doesn't provide the needed input or feedback, we'll send two reminders. The first is a gentle nudge if we don't get a response, and the second will underline the importance of your participation. After these, it's up to your team to re-engage with us. Please remember, delays can affect the project timeline and delivery, and your monthly charges will continue during this period

Ongoing Engagement

We'll keep you updated on every stage of your website design project, from onboarding to research, design, to new site and subsequent updates after your site is launched. Your POC should make all website update requests via our client ticketing system.

Commitment to Collaboration

Modiphy is committed to guiding and supporting your POC throughout this process. However, their involvement is key to our collaboration. Adhering to these guidelines ensures a smooth, efficient, and successful completion of the project. We appreciate your cooperation and are excited to work with you and your POC.