Project Stages



Production begins when this stage is complete

Sign in and Provide Input

This is when we make sure you, the customer, received your invite to the Modiphy Flux Console, successfully signed in, and are aware of how to submit your information to us. We allow up to 7 business days for you, the customer, to complete the requested information in the "Planning" area during this period. The Modiphy 45-day turnaround promise begins after day business day 7 OR when all 3-steps are completed in the "Planning" area.


Research and Planning

Your Project is 25% Ready for Review


This stage allows Modiphy's Creative Director an opportunity to review the information you submitted during the onboarding phase. The review of information submitted is followed by a one-on-one Zoom meeting to ensure everyone is on the same page. This planned meeting occurs before any design is done. Typically, this stage takes approximately 3-7 business days.


Design & Development

Your Project is 50% Ready for Review

Design: Modiphy Designers Are Setting the Scene for Awesome!

Utilizing the input you provided and the guidance of our Creative Director, Modiphy’s skilled designers, begin creating the graphic elements that become the backbone of your customized theme. These elements or assets are intended to solidify your brand. Typically, this process is approximately 3-7 business days.

Development: Laying the Foundation

Modiphy’s developers execute the plan of our Creative Director by using a proven formula that ties in both the main objective and the use of tools and best practices within our industry. We do not use templates but are able to construct custom layouts using structurally sound building blocks of widely-tested code. Typically, this process is approximately 7-14 business days.


Review & Customize

Your Project is 75% Ready for Review

At this stage, you should have either already seen your new website or are scheduled to see it soon. Please remember that you have unlimited revisions and that we want you to love it.


Soft Launch

Let's go live - 99%

Our general rule is—if your new website is 1% better than what you currently have online—it's good to go live. A Soft Launch means the website will be visible on your domain name when entered into a web browser. It will not be announced or notify people when the new website is viewable.