Web Design Build Phases

Below, you'll find an outline of the seven phases of the website buildout process.

Discovery Phase

The Discovery Phase is where you will meet with one of our expert web designers to dream together about your new website. During your Discovery Call, our team will get some baseline information from you about your company, website and brand.

Design Phase

The Design Phase is where our team nails down the fonts, colors and aesthetics for your site before development begins. Generally, we base these decisions on your current logo to ensure your site is visually on brand.

Build Phase

In the Build Phase, the Modiphy team is hard at work developing your site piece by piece. Every site at Modiphy is custom-built, meaning no clunky templates but something made just for you!

Review Phase

The Review Phase is where our team gets to show you what we've created! We'll get your feedback on the site and make any adjustments needed.

At this point, only a few pages will be built out to give you an idea of the visual direction for the website. We base our decisions for the design on general website best practices, current design trends and the information provided by you in the Discovery Call!

Customize Phase

After reviewing your site, we move into the Customize Phase. This is where we will work on any notes you had for us and build out the remaining pages on the site. Once this phase is complete, the site is ready to launch!

This is the point in the process where we'll get from you the domain login information for your website. This will be essential for us to have once the site is ready to go live.

Launch Phase

We've finally reached the Launch Phase! At this point, your website is live and is ready to take on the world. But this isn't the end! Our team is here for you for unlimited updates and support as your business continues to grow!

Our rule of thumb when it comes to launching a website is this: If the new site is 1% better than the existing site, let's go ahead and get it live. The reason is twofold:

First, unlike printing a poster or brochure, there is no print button on a website! It is never "complete" but always evolving and growing with your business. In the digital age, your website should be the place with the most up-to-date information for potential and existing customers. So if the new website improves on the old in any way, it's best to go ahead and get it live!

Second is make sure you are getting the most for your money! Every month your website is waiting on the shelf to go live is another month you aren't getting to take advantage of it. We want to make all the updates and tweaks you want to get your site to where you want it to be, but all those things can continue after the site has launched instead of before.